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Artsy Fartsy Art Gallery (Carson City, NV) -

Art Gallery Prism (Minden, NV) -

Marcus Ashley Art Gallery (So. Lake Tahoe, CA) -


 Contact the artist directly:

Nick Sninkelletti

(775) 901-6538

[email protected]


Original Oils and Acrylics

Pricing:  Set by artist based on size and complexity. Prices do not include framing unless specified.

Commissions:  Commissions gladly accepted with half down, half on completion. Completion in 3-12 months depending on size and subject matter. Minimum price $500.

Framing:  Optional with advice if desired. 

Gallery Wraps:  Art listed as "gallery wrapped" is painted on the edges and does not require framing, though framing is still an option.

Presentation:  All framed or gallery wrapped art will arrive wired and ready to hang.

Shipping:  Art usually ships insured via Fed-Ex. Please inquire for cost.


Fine Art Limited Editions

Pricing:  Pricing is dictated by cost and exclusivity.  This is the finest quality form of reproduction available and each piece is lovingly hand-embellished by the artist. 

Signed and Numbered Edition:  This series of hand-embellished giclées on canvas re-create the look and feel of the original.  The artist labors over each in this series of 35 pieces to make it almost identical to the original.

Artist's Proof Edition:  This exclusive edition of seven is the artist's opportunity to re-visit the image from a completely different perspective.  These works diverge from the original so much, they defy the boundaries of 'reproduction'.  Artist's Proofs of "Nevada Falls" and "Desolation" exemplify that divergence on the 'Limited Edition' page of this site. 

Framing:  Art can be purchased with or without framing.

Gallery Wrap:  Mirrored image extends around the edges of the stretcher bars. (+20%).

Presentation:  Framed or gallery wrapped art will arrive wired and ready to hang.

Shipping:  Limited editions can ship rolled or stretched. Please inquire for cost.