Photo pic of artist Nick Sninkelletti holding oil painting Desolation

Artist Statement

     I feel that art is best when it exhibits a positive and vibrant world. I try to look at and paint my surroundings with a broad and colorful perspective in order to show the innate beauty in all things.


     Painting for me is an opportunity to take risks and avoid "safe colors", a chance to apply large, expressive swaths of beauty. Free flowing colors stimulate the emotional, intuitive right brain and allow the analytical left side to relax and let go.



Nick Sninkelletti has been exploring wilderness and culture all his life. The natural world and its variety are fascinating, as are the many kinds of people, animals, insects, plants, fungi, and other beings that live here. Knowing he wanted to help preserve wild places, Nick studied environmental engineering at UC Berkeley, but a brush with mortality catalyzed a career change. Doctors found a large intrusion in his right temporal lobe, and after it was removed Nick discovered a side of himself that had been repressed for years. 

After a summer chasing snow in South America and another teaching snowboarding in Lake Tahoe, Nick began a career as an art consultant at a gallery. He has gone on a flurry of creation ever since. He soon fell in love with artist Selena Valenti in a print shop who's been inspiring him ever since.  

Sninkelletti enjoys subjects that express joy and beauty, no matter where he finds them. He paints from his own photos documenting travels throughout North & South America, Europe & Africa.


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